One Step Closer to a Family (well, sort of)

OK, that might be a mis-leading title. First off let me say that we are no closer in our paperwork to bringing kids home (more on that later). However, today I took a major step towards feeling more like a mom.

Let me review what this week has been like for me. It has been LONG!!!! On Wednesday on my way home from work my car overheated. I was able to get home (thankfully) but I wanted to get it checked out before I drove to work again. Since I drive on the interstate 1+ hours both too and from work I was worried about getting stranded. I made an appointment with the local car repair shop (who is amazing, by the way) on Thursday but they didn’t have a loaner car available so I could not go to work right away. I was hoping it would be a quick fix and I could get to work, just late. That was not to be, as it was needing a part they didn’t have. However, they did get a loaner car that I could take to work on Friday while they fixed my car. The loaner car had lights that needed to be turned off (my car does not) and I forgot to turn them off so I woke up to a dead car and (once again) no way to get to work. The car repair shop came out and jumped the car once they opened up and I got to work. At work I got a call that the transmission, alternator, and power steering pump were all shot and the cost to replace them all would most likely be more than the car is worth.

So, this brings me to the topic of my post: a new car and feeling like a mom. I HATE car shopping. I have literally never done that before. My 3 previous cars my mom found for me (Thank you Mom!) and I just bought so I had no idea how to go about getting a car. After many phone calls and discussions my husband, myself and my in-laws were all set to met at the local car dealer to look at cars. Since my car was not travel worthy and I needed to get to work on monday we either needed to figure out a rental car to get to work or buy a car.

We found a mini-van with under 100,000 miles and it was also under $10,000.  I knew that I do not want to buy another car in a VERY long time so I wanted to find one that would work for a while, but also would hold kids. Right now we are in a weird spot where we know our family will be growing by more than double in the upcoming months. Since we are adopting a sibling group (usually 2, 3, or more) we knew we needed a larger car. A minivan works perfectly!

Our new car!

Joel and I with the new car

So now I am driving around a bright red minivan! I feel more like a mom now than ever before! I also love that it is a bright red dodge car (Those in the Bucchino family will understand why!).

Along with getting a new car and trying my darndest to get to work, we also got an update on the paperwork. Well, more of a non-update actually. Right now we are waiting for the adoption agency to get my mental health records and doctors’ letter of opinion from all my past providers. I emailed to check in with our social worker who said we are still waiting. I am planning on calling the 3 providers that have not sent in the paperwork on Monday. However, I know that what is a super high priority in my life may not be such a priority to others so I am trying to be patient.

As I am practicing my patience, I am one step closer to adoption by having a majority of my medical records at the adoption agency and am driving around the definition of a mom-mobile!



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