Initially Approval!!! (and Best Adoption T-Shirt Ever!)

I am very excited to write this post and have been hoping I would be able to write it for a while now. While the doctors were slow getting back to our agency (they, evidently have other important things to do like caring for sick people), the ones the agency needed got back to them and Joel and I got initial approval! What this basically means is that they think we are ok to raise children (from what they know) and are approving us to move onto the next step. The next step is the “Formal Application”. That is funny to me, because all of the paperwork and calling people we have done has all been “pre-application work”. This further develops my love for the below linked t-shirt. The formal application is super quick and easy and it is basically a combination of important information we have already submitted to the agency in a variety of other forms. Since I am an information hoarder, I have kept all the past forms so the formal application is done with one exception.

In this piece of paperwork we also have to list 3 references (1 for Joel, 1 for me, and 1 for us as a couple). So right now we are contacting our possible references and once we get their ok we are submitting the formal application. After that we start the home study and training process! I don’t know how I feel about the home study process but I am looking forward to it. It seems so intense.

We are faced with the decision once again as to if we want to continue down this road and build our family. We answered with a loud “YES YES YES YES.” (Well, mine was loud, Joel is more reserved)

Next step here we come! Also, I have a funny story! When we got the email from our social worker about the training needed to complete the home study. We also have to read a book Raising Adopted Children by Lois Melina before they can approve our home study. I actually just finished reading this book this past weekend as I am, well, Katie (being a little bit of a nerd and read anything and everything on a subject that is prominent in my life). It was a good book if you are looking for one.

Now to the much-anticipated Best Adoption T-Shirt Ever! I have ordered myself one and could not keep from hysterically laughing when I saw this. Not sure where exactly I found it for the first time, but it was somewhere on Pintrest. I love this t-shirt for a variety of reasons. First it is HILARIOUS, Second it makes me feel like an expectant mother, and Thirdly did I mention it was funny?

Seriously though, this t-shirt points out what I have been thinking/blogging about for a bit now. I am an expectant mother, I’m just not sure when the kids are due to be here or even how many! Feel free to look around the site, they had a lot of good things. I found some presents for some friends of ours but I can’t talk about it here in case they read it and I want it to be a surprise!

More updates to come as I get them. Also to come: God gives us the helpers  we need in surprising ways!


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