God gives us just what we need!

As we continue down this path there are many surprises, both good and anxiety-provoking that pop up. Lately I have been thinking about how overwhelming this process can be (from the paperwork to the social workers to the lack of control we have). Something I have been thinking about (but never let anyone know about) was how awesome it would be to know someone that has done this before.

That is partly why I started this blog, so I could connect with other adoptive or prospective adoptive parents across the world and cyber-land. I had been feeling a need for connection to someone wise and knowledgable about this process. I didn’t care if it was someone in my area or far away. I have been reading books about adoption to feel connected with other people that have adopted.

I know that this is a unique way to build a family. A pregnant mom could go up to almost anyone with children in public to ask questions (she would have no boundaries if she did this but hypothetically she could do this and they could relate to her). With adoption, however, this is very different. my family will not be built in the same way as a majority of other families.

Let me be clear, I am absolutely not doubting our choices, I am just feeling the need to connect to others that have built their family in the same way. Just when we got the initial adoption approval, I was on the phone with my Mother-in-Law.

She (besides being an amazing Mother-in-Law which I would write even if she didn’t read this blog) works in a school. I don’t know all the details but she came in contact with a lady who has adopted multiple sibling groups from foster care in the state of MN (where we are also hoping to adopt a sibling group from the foster care system). I will be getting her contact information shortly, and evidently she is very excited to talk about the process she went through!

Thank God for giving us exactly what we need when we haven’t even thought to ask for it!


4 thoughts on “God gives us just what we need!

  1. My husband and I have been in the process of adopting for several years and were recently matched with a sweet 9-year-old. I’d be happy to be a resource for you and a sympathetic ear since I’m intimately familiar with the struggles and joys that go along with trying to adopt. I also just started my own blog that may or may not be of interest (margaretadopts.wordpress.). You can also email me at margaretpuskarpasewicz@yahoo.com.

    Best of luck as you go through this amazing journey!

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