Talking vs Doing

First off let me say that I completely love our new church: Spirit of Life. Joel and I moved to New Prague, MN in May 2011 and for about a month we commuted down to Waseca Christian Assembly for church. That church was amazing too, but 45 min drive too and from church made it too easy to not go. So we found our new church. They have been very supportive of the adoption process and I truly appreciate it.

Anyway, this morning Jodi was speaking about the women’s conference that she went to this weekend. I had planned on going but with my 6 day migraine I choose to have a day at home to get caught up on everything I didn’t do throughout the week and rest some. I am pretty bummed that I missed it but then I found out what they talked about and I was even more bummed.

My heart was really touched when Jodi talked about what the conference covered. Basically, the speakers at the conference talked about what the difference is between talking about being a good samaritan and BEING a good samaritan. How people talk about opening their homes, hearts, and everything else but never go about doing it.

Lately, as we are getting closer and closer to this adoption become real more fears are presenting themselves. I know that my faith that this is the road I should go do is great than my fear that it is not. The message today at church really confirmed in my heart that this is the right path for me. That not only am I talking about it but opening our home up to kids that need a home.

While I feel confirmed in this path I need to be reminded at times that there are always more that we can do so I hope that while I am opening my home I never feel like “I’ve done this and this so I’m doing helping others for a while”. I always want my heart to break for what breaks God’s heart.

Also, if you think about it please pray for our adoption process as well as my migraines. I have had a migraine for 6 days and have not been lower than a 3 on the pain scale in over a week. I am praying for healing and pain-free-ness.


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