Fitness Challenge Update

I promised I would update on how my fitness challenge starting April 1st is going. Basically, I have until June 1st to get to the 220’s and get back on track health wise. Weight Watchers is awesome, but I have not been following it precisely since before New Years. I have been less off track than a year ago when there was no track to be on but less on track then I want to be since the vacation we took.

Anyway, since April 1st it has been my goal to get back on track before my aunt’s wedding and the 1 year anniversary of my healthy lifestyle change (Memorial day weekend for the first, and 06.01.11 for the second). It has been SUPER difficult this week to get back on track. When you are used to eating whatever and not really working out as much it is hard to stop those habits. It was made even more difficult with the fact that a 13 day migraine that mandated multiple ER and doctor visits, and even an MRI. When you are in pain it is really difficult to make healthy choices. I honestly don’t know how I stayed on track. It might be my world-renown stubbornness.

14 days ago I got a headache and from that time to today I have had 15 minutes pain free, other than that I have been between a 2 and an 8 on the pain scale (that goes to 10). It is really hard to work in a day treatment center with this pain and be therapeutic for the kids.

I think we finally figured out what was going on, and a large part of it is my inability to just sit, rest, and recoup. More to come on that in another post. So I have taken today and tomorrow off from work and look forward to going back in on Monday at 100%. Let me just say how much I HATE not being at work when I know they are short staff, but my co-workers and husband have pretty much yelled at me (in nice ways of course) to take care of myself and this is something that I am working on.

Anyway, back to the fitness challenge. I have been on track with my Weight Watchers Plan I have earned 23 activity points and still have 29 weekly points left (to use between now and Sunday or not use, my choice). I have also gone on 2 runs (one was a 5K and I was overdoing it, and one was 1 mile rest run). I never thought I would EVER say that a 1 mile run was a rest run! Weird! I have walked twice as well for at least 3/4 a mile.

So for a pain filled and lack of desire week I think I did pretty darn good! Hopefully this will continue (the on-trackness not the pain and no desire/motivation.


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