Are Parents-to-Be ever 100% ready?

So here is a question for all the parents out there. Before you became parents, did you ever feel 100% ready for what was to come?

I ask because I am getting closer and closer with each day to becoming a parent. As of tuesday we are officially in our home study process and while I am super excited about that (more than I can even express) I am also getting more nervous as well.

As I was reflecting on this I realized I am probably in the same boat as every other parent ever. Sure the way we are building a family might be a bit different, but what parent ever feels completely ready for the responsibilities that await them.

I know that this is the path that we are being led to go down and I am going down the path quite willingly, but I am surprised by the nerves that are presenting themselves in me as we continue to get closer to the point of refferal. We still have a ways (the entire home study) to go, but we are closer now then when we started this process only 2 months and 1 day ago! (Well, started the paperwork part of the process)

Basically at this point I am 90% super excited and 20% super nervous about the whole thing! I know, I know, that adds up to 110% not 100% but I feel as if I am about to burst so I think more than 100% is reasonable 🙂


One thought on “Are Parents-to-Be ever 100% ready?

  1. I was fortunate to have decades of childcare experience previous to becomes a mom myself, including working as a full time nanny for twins up to my eighth month of my first pregnancy. So I was not your typical first time mom by any means. 🙂 However I can honestly say I had my moments of nerves, too. Having a child is a HUGE lifestyle change and a HUGE responsibility and can be very intimidating. In my times of nervousness I would feel comforted to remember that God is in control and He has clearly chosen ME, out of all the other women in the world, to be this child’s mom. All I can do is my best and trust Him to handle rest – including fixing my mistakes, because we all make them. That’s why we’re not Him. 🙂

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