Adoption Training

So today after work Joel and I met at our adoption agency for 2 meetings. We are in between the two right now and I thought I would update this.

The first meeting was with our social worker to go over the home study and foster care license paper work. It went well! I brought my binder full of questions and she answered every one! We got a bunch of paperwork to do and went over the process.

I learned a lot! For example, did you know that between the time of placement and the time the adoption is finalized the parents are “foster parents”? I didn’t! That basically means we get double the paperwork! But you know me, I kick ass at paperwork!

The second meeting is an informational one about Bethany christian services and intro to all different kinds of adoption. Pretty boring since we know what kind of adoption and we are already at the home study part but it is required so here we are.

I have set a personal paperwork deadline of 4/20 when we come back for the 16 hour training.


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