Fitness Challenge Fail!

So I promised I would update you on the Fitness Challenge that has been going on since April 1st. Well, I know accountability is good, but I did not want this to be the update.

Well, things have been hard for me lately. I am on day 28 of chronic headache. Since 29 days ago I have had one and a half, maybe two days (three if we include sleeping) total pain free. I have been to doctors, the ER, a chiropractor, taken many meds and a load of days off work or left early. I HATE HATE HATE not working when I am supposed to, but if my pain gets above a 5 I start to get crabby, if it is above a 7 I am not therapeutic AT ALL. (And screaming children do not help the situation).

I have been trying to stay on track with my fitness and eating right routine, but I have to say that I caved. Being in pain is a drag, and to top it off I was told not to run for a while as it might be making my headaches worse (something about the impact of it) and that is my favorite exercise. Part of me was being stubborn and only wanted to run and if I couldn’t run I didn’t want to exercise. Part of me was using this as an excuse to not work out.

Pain makes me tired and cranky (see above) and the meds I am/was taking either make me tired or weird (to say the least).

So basically I didn’t work out at all and since the pain wasn’t going away with anything I turned to my old stand-by of comfort food. I need some motivation to keep moving forward towards more healthy living, but when in pain I don’t care much and just want to feel better and a double fudge cookie dough blizzard will make me feel better for a bit.

On the headache front: I have gone to the eye doctor in case it is a side effect from Lasik (nope) or my prescription changed (nope) or my eyes dry (yep, we are woking on this but I can’t see how this would cause headaches)

I have gone to the chiropractor 2+ times a week to see if this would help (and for a few hours it does).

I have an appointment in the middle of May with a Neurologist at a clinic that has a Headache Clinic so that might be going in the right direction!

Any tips on how to get back on track in light of this bump in the road would be greatly appreciated!


4 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Fail!

  1. Try weight watchers. Don’t beat yourself up about exercise. Small steps. My severe migraines have gone away almost entirely now that my blood pressure is under control. If neuro visit doesn’t reveal anything check with allergist.

    • I am on weight watchers, lsat week I was negative 100+ points. 😦 I agree that weight watchers is awesome. I’m glad to hear your migraines have gone away. They have put me on high blood pressure meds (even though my blood pressure isn’t high) in hopes to help the headaches. Thanks for the tip on the allergies

  2. Migraines are rough; I used to have them on a hormonal basis (thank you, God of Menopause). A thought for you: if you’re not gluten-free, have you thought of trying it for a week to see what happens? Headache can be one of the symptoms of gluten-sensitivity.

  3. I see someone else suggested this, but now that I’m gluten-free, I never have headaches (except when I accidentally eat gluten.) Gluten-intolerance isn’t always understood, so many doctors overlook it.

    My personal experience was that after two weeks of gluten-free, I no longer had digestion problems, headache-free and I lost some weight. All great things! If you have questions about GF, I can try to help!

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