Homestudy Process Begun! (AKA Don’t Shake the Baby!)

Despite all the craziness with my headaches going on right now we are still moving forward  with the adoption process with prayers that the mystery of the headaches will be answered before the matching stage in the process.

So last I blogged we were on our night of 2 meetings. One super informational with our social worker and one that was boring but required so we were there for 2+ hours of meetings after an 8 hour work day. Boy did I feel like a tired parent that day!

That day we learned a lot and came home with a pile of paperwork and a list of trainings to do. My initial goal was to have at least all the paperwork done by tomorrow and as we speak Joel is finishing up signing his name and answering the last questions!!! We had a bunch of trainings to take and have all but one done!

So here is the list of what we have left to do (At least in the paperwork part of this process): – Fire Inspection : We had a difficult time finding out who does this in New Prague as the fire department doesn’t, but we now have a scheduled appointment with the city inspector to do the fire inspection next monday (4/23/12) at 4:30pm.                                                                   – Insurance Coverage Paperwork : This has been difficult as I am looking to change jobs and waiting to hear back from one with a potential job offer. The potential new job starts health coverage Day 1 so I want to wait until I hear for sure on that job before we did the insurance paperwork so we don’t have to re-do it.                                                                – Child Car Seat Training : We are signed up for the training on 4/24/12. Yes, this is a training on how to properly install car seats (and it is 3 hours)

Tomorrow we have the first day of 2 for our 16 – hour mandatory training for adopting kids from the MN foster care system. I will report on how that went.

Now for the story indicated in the title: Don’t Shake the Baby. We had many classes (luckily most were available on-line) to be approved to foster/adopt and before our home study would be approved. Some classes were reasonable and even super helpful such as first aid, and CPR for all ages (infant, child, and adult). Even the training on information on SIDS was helpful (yet the chances of us adopting an infant are slim to none). The training that made me laugh out loud and question the state’s view of adoptive parents was the Shaken Baby Training. This training was 2 credit hours. While I think that there is a great need to educate anyone and everyone on how to prevent all form of child abuse I think 2 credit hours on how to prevent shaken baby syndrome is a bit much. I mean the whole training came down to “Don’t Shake the Baby”.

So as of tonight, paperwork and trainings (except those listed above) are complete and we have 2 or 3 more meetings with the social worker besides the training this weekend then our home study should be done!


3 thoughts on “Homestudy Process Begun! (AKA Don’t Shake the Baby!)

  1. Sounds like you’re moving right along. 🙂 I’m still trying to figure out how it takes them 3 hours to teach installing a car seat, but then I guess you can draw just about anything out that long if you really want to. 😉 As for the DSTB class, I’m hoping they did more than tell you what not to do, but also offered suggestions on what *to* do when your kid is driving you to your wits end.

    • They did offer more help like what to do when your baby won’t stop crying and different coping skills when you are stressed, but mostly it was don’t shake the baby! (Maybe it was for me being a counselor I have heard about coping skills a time or two before

  2. It’s crazy, right? But let me tell you that at 3am with a baby that won’t be pacified no matter what you do, your reason and logic is lost in a fog of exhaustion. It’s so obvious to me that you never shake a baby, which is why I was horrified to hear that thought rolling around in my brain one night as a perfectly logical solution to getting this baby to shush so I could enjoy at least 30 minutes of sleep before the next day started. I mean, nothing else was working so perhaps this would! Thankfully not all reason was lost, and no baby was shaken. I do at least see how it could happen now that I’ve been the one having to deal with the screaming baby, but there is still no excuse. I just tell new parents to prepare themselves now to let that baby cry sometimes – it may be safer for both of you.

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