I’m Baaaaaaack!

I can’t imagine many of you have been waited with baited breath wondering what was going on with this mysterious “Katie L” blogger who posted about adoption and fitness but then up and vanished. But then again, some of you may have and for those people I am sorry for causing needless worry and concern.

Well I am back (as the title suggests) and excited to report the happenings of the past month. Exactly a month ago I posted about not shaking babies and the home study process. I also posted a month ago about my current fitness level and health status. I will update you on the all of that below:

Adoption: Joel and I made the very wise decision to put the adoption path on temporary hold until we figured out the headaches and got them to stop so I could return to my normal scheduled programming life. We completed all the classes and the only thing left was the in person meetings and the social worker coming to our home and the like. My headaches have been gone (or attributed to some medication that was supposed to help which I stopped yesterday and am already starting to feel better) and we have scheduled the first home study meeting and my individual meeting for June 4th!

Health: Headaches figured out, but much like bringing a car in for one problem many other problems are then found by the motivated car technicians of the stubborn and annoying car owner insisting the technicians figure stuff out. This instance would be the result of the annoying car owner in that analogy. However, I am learning to advocate for myself as a patient when I know that something feels off and the doctors either are stupid or think (and portray very clearly that they think) that I am stupid. So to sum it up, one big thing (headaches) got figured out and some more things got identified. Sometimes I feel super frustrated by this and think that I can’t catch a break. At other times I feel at peace and so thankful that this is all occurring before our children come home so that I can be the best, healthiest mom I can be to them.

Fitness: Ya, this is the one I wanted to write about the least! I could give a bunch of excuses about how I was focusing on my health and was disabled and the like. While all of that is true, the truest (most true?) thing is that I was overwhelmed, sad, in pain, and I simply gave up. Yep, I let everything bad in my life build a huge (seemingly insurmountable) wall around me that kept me from healthy living. Now that I am feeling better, I feel really shameful about what happened and am having a hard time getting back on the wagon. Actually it would be more accurate to say that I am having a hard time traversing the wild west looking for a tiny wagon to get back on to. I still have my half marathon on August 26th that I want to do, but because of some health stuff I can’t run for the next week or two. And my stubbornness says give it one week and then run! (I do not miss eating well, I love my bad food but I terribly miss running!)

So that is what has been going on with me. I am feeling rejuvenated and excited about my health “tune-up”, the adoption stuff and (hopefully) finding the fitness again soon! Be back soon(er than a month)!


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