Today was amazing. No, nothing amazingly spectacular happened. I didn’t win the lottery, no surprise adoption call that said “Screw the paperwork, you should be a mom!”. I didn’t even finally get out there and run again. However, the finish line isn’t my priority at this point, the first mile marker is for my running friends (the initial application for my adoption friends)

Today was so awesome because I made it to mile 1!!! I went to church and got no headache!

Taught Sunday school, had friends over for lunch and hanging out. Then instead of taking a nap like I would have 2-3 weeks ago I went out and did 2 hours of landscaping with no light-headedness or headache!

Now I am resting at home watching tv and trying my darnedest to get into a tv show that was recommended to me (not working).

Anyway, if you are far far far from the finish line (and haven’t even registered for the race) don’t despair! Every day you can get incrimentally better! Pick one tiny thing to do (today I picked pull weeds) and when your done with that you will most likely want to do even more (like 2 hours of landscaping)!!


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