Getting Back to “Me”, Half Marathon Training, and Kid Matching

So as I reported yesterday each day lately has been better than the last. Now that I am not in pain (Praise God) and do not have complications with medications leaving me strengthless and light-headed to the extreme (Praise God once again) I am SUPER bored at home during the day. I am not the kind to sit around the twiddle my thumbs and wait for Joel to get home so I have someone to talk to.

So far yesterday and today I have found things to do but alas, there is hardly any laundry left and this past weekend we did a VERY complete house cleaning including vacuuming and sweeping (things we hardly every do). We even brushed our dogs last night! Now, for you dog owners out there that are shaking your heads at your computer and saying, “Um…ya, you are SUPPOSED to do that!”. I would respond with “I know, but our dogs are less shedding we are lazy and we simply vacuum more to keep up with the shedding.” That seems to be much more work now that I actually put it down in writing but that is the way life has been.

Anyway, I have been feeling much better and getting back to doing chores and general house upkeep. Ever since we moved into our house (Over a year ago *she says shamefully*) The front landscaping has been…well….in need of attention is the nice way to say it. The mulch was so thin you could see the dirt. Weeds were growing all over the place (sometimes larger than the bushes). I had been putting it off due to other more pressing and in-side the house chores and being busy with my old job where I worked 50-60 hours a week (so glad I don’t work there anymore!) and having a life.

Well thanks to our house guests who started pulling some weeds and my being off work right now everything aligned to get my out in the front yard working on the landscaping. it took at least 5 hours, a bunch of trips to our good ‘ole Ace Hardware Store and a bunch of butt-shaking dancing in the front yard to my music making my grateful we have not made friends with our neighbors yet. But as of tonight it is done!!!!! New mulch, weeds pulled, ect. I still need to figure out what to do with the rocks in the landscaping and how to stop the weeds from growing there (and how to pull the ones there now) and I would love any tips!

So having done 2 full days of random house cleaning and yard work without getting dizzy or at all light headed I have decided to try my first day to running training tomorrow. What am I training for? Well, since I have been not running regularly since before the new year I decided to start back slowly and ease into things….yep….that sounds JUST like me. NOT! I am training for my first half marathon on August 26th – Bloomington, MN Women’s Half- Marathon. I am half hoping my mother and mother-in-law are not reading this as both have repeatedly told me to wait until I was 100% to run, but, if you know me you already know this, I am not a very patient person. Anyway…..I going to try my 45 min day one training run. I am doing the Zen Labs Half Marathon Training Program. I am really excited about this app as, even at the race, it only has me running for 4 minute intervals with 1 minute of walking in between each segment of running. The most important thing for me in training is believing I can and with this I do! We will see how tomorrow goes!

When I was thinking about the half marathon training and wondering if I could be ready for it in 14 weeks as I have not been reliably running since 2011 I came to a moderately frightening, but knowing me, all to common and predictable realization. So, the half marathon is on August 26, 2012. We are finishing up our home study and should have it submitted for approval by the end of July (or earlier) and we would have our home study approved (hopefully? Do home studies get denied? I mean our social worker has to approve it to send it on to her supervisor for approval, but does the supervisor ever deny it? I wonder…) near the middle of August. After getting home study approval the social worker looks at social worker accessible lists of available sibling groups and we look at photo listing sights and we can start being matched AS SOON AS WE HAVE AN APPROVED HOME STUDY! I understand that it may take quite some time or it may go quick, but the bottom line is we could be meeting with social workers to discuss potential children around the same time as my half marathon. This was not planned as I signed up for my half marathon before we were 100% sure on starting the adoption process.

While this was in no way planned this seems to fall into place absolutely perfectly with my life. Through my own (knowing) choices I have lumped major life circumstance closely together I will offer two examples besides the adoption/half marathon example that really pales in comparison to the example below:

1. I graduated from undergraduate college on Dec 17, 2008 and got married on Dec 20, 2008 travelled 6 hours to Omaha, Ne to hold a 2nd wedding shower for family unable to attend on Dec 27, 2008 and started graduate school on Jan 5 2009 (And this was all planned out WELL in advance and thought to be the best idea ever!)

2. My husband and I bought (and moved into) a new house on May 6 2011 (in a town where neither of us were either currently living or had ever previously lived), graduated from graduate school on May 13, 2011, drove the 6 hours to our new home and had my mom visit for the next few days, started a new job (it was horrible) on May 16th. Oh and did I mention that this was all after living apart from my husband for 9 months so I could finish school and he could work, this ended on the day we bought the house on May 6th?

Ya, I guess that’s just the way I roll…..


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