Half Marathon Training Officially Started!

Today, as planned, I began running again. I was a bit nervous, a bit excited, and kinda lazy from all the nothing I have been doing and didn’t want to run. Thankfully I am pretty darn stubborn and I had told people that I was doing it so ipso facto I had to run. (I had been waiting to use that phrase!) So I got all ready to go out and get my running on!

Today I realized that my dogs are much smarter than I thought they were. I had been very careful not to say the words “go”, “walk”, or “run” all day around my dog. This was pure self-preservation. If they had known we were going for a run I would have not gotten a second of rest with the dogs running around, jumping, and whining like crazy. Well, when I was getting all ready I got out all my lady workout clothes. For very obvious reasons, since I haven’t been working out I haven’t been wearing them. The minute, no the SECOND, i pulled these clothing items out of my dresser the dogs went CRAZY, jumping aroung and whinning. So much so that Joel asked me what was going on.

Besides super-observant dogs, the run went well. Thanks to a great friend that lives (sadly) far away I now know about the app Zombies, Run!. I don’t advise using this if you run alone at night as that would be too creepy but other wise it is awesome. I was sad as I couldn’t get it to work with Nike+ but other than that it was great.

I started Day One of my Half Marathon Training which had me run 3 mins/walk 2 mins after a 5 min warm-up and cool down. I ended up walking a bit more after that 45 minute workout because it was so gorgeous out. I was slower than I thought I would be, completing 2.73 miles in 60:10, which puts the pace at 22:02. For the half marathon I am running on August 26th I need to maintain a pace of at least 18:17 during the race. I have 14 weeks to get my pace down.

Basically, after 3 months this was my first run and I’m pretty happy that I got out there and did more than 2 miles!


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