Back on Track!

So my challenge to get on track and be down to 225 pounds by June 1st did not happen. It is not helpful to focus on the past mistakes, but I just wanted to recap. Anyway, this week was my start over week. I am happy to say that the start over is going well!

On monday I got back on weight watchers, even with my new job and not having a very set schedule I stuck to it and as of tonight I have 8 weekly points left over that I have no plans of eating. I forgot how flexible and easy to follow weight watchers is. So far so good.

I also have come to the realization that my half marathon is in 10 weeks. Wow does that seem close. So I looked at my 14 week plan (of which I had completed one day) and realized that with all the running I had previously done I cautiously figured I could skip ahead to week 4. I know that is a bit step, but it sounds a lot more intense then it really is. My whole program gets my ready to: Run 4 mins/Walk 1 min DURING the Half Marathon. I can do that now and just need to work on mileage so skipping ahead was just getting us ready to work on running for 3 to 4 mins at a time.

I hope that I continue to keep this up!!!!


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