New Social Worker?!?

Besides the car seat class that we need before kids can come live with us, the only thing left for us to do is for Joel to have his individual interview and for the social worker to write up the home study. Once that is done and approved, we can start getting matched with kids!

Well, Joel was supposed to have his interview last friday but we got a phone call from our social worker that he “position was eliminated” so she cannot do Joel’s interview but will write up what she has done. She will get us the name of our new social worker early next week and that person will do Joel’s interview and finish the home study.

I am trying my hardest to be patient but this is hard. I really liked our old social worker! For those that have been in this world longer then I have, is this something that is common?


2 thoughts on “New Social Worker?!?

  1. I wouldn’t say that losing your case worker is “normal” but in our current economic times it is not really surprising. I guess the thing that I would stress is that adoption is a very slow process–at least that was our experience. Just try to stay hopeful & be as patient as you can. Sorry that I don’t have anything more helpful to offer!

    • Thanks for just offering a listening ear! That means more than anything. We find out our new social worker next Tuesday and I am excited to report on how that goes!

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