Last Home Study Visit Scheduled

So there has been some scheduling confusing but the final home study meeting has been scheduled for July 24th at 4pm. Joel will do his individual meeting at 4pm and I will come home at 5pm and do a joint interview and tour the house! I asked today if that would make us good to go for August 1st (I haven’t heard back yet). A longer post coming later. For now, I am Pintresting ideas for children’s rooms!


2 thoughts on “Last Home Study Visit Scheduled

  1. Glad to hear you’re working out the scheduling. I like you’re idea of Pinteresting. I’ve already started “virtual” shopping for my daughter using Pinterest. SO glad they invented that so I could enjoy buying stuff without spending any money or using up any storage space! ;D Better yet, I can go hog wild with anything my heart so wishes to “give” her! No worrying about her clothing or shoe size and if she doesn’t like it, just delete it. LOL

    • It is so nice to be able to look at different ideas and not have to worry about budgets or if it would fit in your home or not!
      With this adoption through foster care there is little I can do in this waiting time. I can’t actually decorate, so pinteresting has been SOO helpful to get some of that “I am adopting soon I have to DO something”ness out of my system!

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