Now What…?

I am not good at waiting, never have been, never will be! My parents, siblings, and husband can all attest to that. Sometimes I think to myself (half in jest, half not) God made me, He should just know by now that I will never learn the lesson of patience and stop putting me in situations where I am forced to practice patience. I think I am finding that the more I think that the more situations I am put into.

Anyway, here is where we are at. All the paperwork is done, all the trainings gone to and certificates collected. The home study is the final thing that is left to do. Our previous social worker completed our joint interview, the home inspection, and my individual interview. All that is technically left is Joel’s individual interview. However, due to the social worker switch I am left very confused as to where we are at in the process.

Our new social worker is scheduled to come meet with us on July 24th to do Joel’s individual interview, see our house, and meet me. Our goal is to be done with the home study as soon as possible so we can begin the matching process and get the kids into our home. The social worker that got our case now has both MN waiting children cases and infant adoption cases and only works part-time. She told me that she is hoping to take some days in August to write home studies but she can’t say when they will be done. That is totally fair as they are intensive in work. I asked her to look over our paperwork and check if our last social worker started the home study, if so it may be almost complete.

I am nervous that we will have to re-do the work that we have already done do to things at the agency that we cannot control. I am jumping to conclusions here, as we may not have to re-do anything, our social worker is looking into it. I’m starting to feel a bit Mother Bearish, and I worry that if I hear that we do have to re-do some work our social worker will hear how I feel about agency decisions keeping foster kids from their forever homes for even a day longer than necessary.

We will know more after the meeting on the 24th, so until then I wait and I (reluctantly) practice patience.


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