Small Victories!

I don’t have much time as I have a TON of paperwork for my job to do (gotta love being a therapist!), however I wanted to update you on two seemingly small victories this past week. One for adoption and one for fitness/dieting!

Adoption: One of my doctors never faxed my records to the adoption worker so I called to figure out the reason and called my worker back to giver her the correct fax number which was the source of the problem. As you know if you have been reading this or talking to me, I have been having a hard time waiting patiently for her to write the home study report according to her schedule. Anyway, you would be so proud to know that not once on that phone conversation did I ask how much she has done regarding our home study, how far she was, or if she had scheduled any time to work on it. I am try my best to leave it in God’s hands and not asking was no small feat for me! I was so excited! I even told her I understood how much paperwork she has as I am currently behind as well (when she brought up the fact that she hadn’t started, I must have been a crazy b**** on the phone in past conversations). I am trying to be understanding of her as she is just trying to do her job, though I would do things differently.

Fitness/Dieting: Last night Joel and I had some celebrating to do for something that happened with work so we went to Pizza Ranch. Earlier in the day I had eaten a small Dairy Queen Blizzard with a client as she had earned that as a reward so I did not have the Weight Watchers Points with the awesome food at Pizza Ranch, but I didn’t want to take away the celebrating just because I wanted to stay within my points. We went to Pizza Ranch and my plan was to just eat from the salad bar. (Keep in mind that this had been my plan before and it had NOT turned out well) This time I did it! I had a plate full of salad and ranch and veggies, some soup and nothing else. No pizza, no cheese sticks, no dessert pizza! I was able to stick to my allotted points even while watching Joel eat my favorite thing ever: Mac n Cheese! This was something that I was never able to do before so this is a big victory for me!


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