Proud Sister of a Peace Corp Volunteer

This post is very off subject, but something that I have been wanting to do for some time now. This has little to nothing to do with the adoption or weight loss/fitness, but this is something very important to me. I am a VERY proud older sister of a peace corp volunteer.

This has been a HUGE summer for my family. My husband and I have been in the process of an adoption with the ups and downs that come with that, and in addition to that my younger sister applied, interviewed, was offered, and accepted a position with the Peace Corp. My sister, Maggie will be going to Mozambique to be a teacher educator (not sure if that is how you say that but she will be teaching teachers). She leaves in less than 1 month and will spend 3 months in training and then be on assignment of 24 months.

I am sharing this here for a couple of reasons. First off I am so proud of her and wanted to share how awesome she is! I firmly believe that God has paths for each and every person. From the outside looking in, others cannot understand how walking that path can happen, but from the inside it seems like it is the perfect and right path for the time and that there is no other path that the person can take. For example, while I am so proud of my sister, I simply cannot imagine walking in her path. I know that the path is perfect for her but looking at it from my eyes it seems so overwhelming. I can imagine people feeling the same way about the path that Joel and I have chosen, but like Maggie seeing her path as the perfect one for her so do Joel and I. I am so thankful that God made many different people with many different gifts because the world needs all of us!

Second, I think that this is going to be a huge transition for my family who is used to having her in the same town and reachable. My sister is an awesome help to almost every family member in Omaha and it will be an adjustment to not be able to call on her for help or to go to a movie or to the mall. For me, living so far away this will be less of a transition. I however, will have to transition to the fact that my sister (one of a few family members that I am very proud to introduce to my children) may leave for her Peace Corp assignment before the children get placed with Joel and I, meaning that she might have to wait 2 years (or 1 year if she comes home for vacation) to meet the kids.

Third, and most importantly, I wanted to share about her journey and the address to her blog: so that throughout her time there and getting ready to go people that read my blog (those that I know and those that I don’t) can take a minute and read her blog, help her feel supported, and pray for her.

I simply cannot imagine going half way around the world, learning a new language/customs/culture, and staying for 2 years. I cannot put into words how proud I am of my sister following God’s path for her and stepping WAY out of her comfort zone to do so.

Last weekend my mom, sister and I met in Des Moines so that I could see her and spend a weekend together before she left. I have to say it was the most fun weekend I have had with them in a long time. Maggie showed me her LONG packing list and we talked about things from the past and present that needed to be aired. It was an amazing weekend and I am glad I got to share it with them. My favorite pictures are below!

Maggie with her new hiking backpack

Mom, Maggie, and I at the Largest Hy-Vee in the Corporate System



One thought on “Proud Sister of a Peace Corp Volunteer

  1. I enjoyed reading about your sister’s impending adventure. I seriously considered joining the Peace Corps myself when I was younger, but the timing never worked out. God had a different plan for my life. It will be fun following along on your sister’s adventure. 🙂

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