Kids Rooms!

Painting the Dressers

So previously I talked about getting rooms and things ready for kids. Above is a picture of one of the three dressers I bought at a garage sale. All 3 dressers and 1 night stand were bought for a total of $35. I then painted them with primer and a nice coat (or two) of a color called rum raisin. After this weekend project, Joel and I decided to go all the way and get the rooms ready.

The waiting was finally getting to me and I just needed to do something! Previously I thought that it would be impossible to get things ready without knowing the number or ages of the kids we are getting. Joel and I talked and decided that the LAST thing that we want to do once we get matched is spend our time worrying about silly things like dressers and alarm clocks. The more we get ready now the more time we can spend just focusing on our kids later. So, we got everything ready in the kids’ rooms with the exception of bedding, decoration, and of course clothing. (However, if the child is in need of a crib major changes need to be made)

Dresser Finished

Dresser Finished (without handles)

After the dressers we got all the other fixings of the rooms,

Toy Organizer

and put the rooms together.

Kid Room 1

Kid Room 2

In addition to these projects I have also been continuing my knitting project! I have 16 squares completed and just started my 17th last night. Each blanket is set to have 53 that can be knit before knowing the kids (the 54th square will be in the kid’s favorite color and will have an L for our last name monogramed in it).

Progress on Kid Blankets

So as of now, the house looks much more ready for kids and we are still waiting. The social worker is working more days in September to write home studies, ours being one of many that she needs to write. Hopefully, sometime in September we will have an approved home study. Prayer requests: Continued patience and enjoying the present, not wishing it away. It is so hard to not wish every day away knowing that each day that passes gets you one day closer to hugging your kids!


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