Life moves on anyway (without my permission, I must add!)

So, despite my protests time continues to pass and days continues to come and go. I would like to stop time until people get stuff done but, alas, I guess that is not to be.

I must say that I am very thankful for all of your support after my last post. I was worried about publishing something so negative about how things are going, but it is honest. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you!

So, instead of wallowing (all the time) in my self-pity and anger about the situation in which I find myself, I decided to DO something. I have lately been feeling very overwhelmed with all the paperwork flying around our house. Ok, to be fair it isn’t ACTUALLY flying but is sure feels that way when it is piling up left and right. So I decided to throw it all out and just get organized. Yep, I got rid of all of my paperwork except the MOST important (social security cards, passports – which thankfully Joel found tonight after 9 months of being MIA, warranty info, immunization records, adoption stuff, ect).

Ok, that might sounds a bit drastic and indeed it would have been if that was the whole story. There was a step in between feeling like I’m going crazy with the flying paperwork and throwing it all away that I left out.

I bought a scanner, ScanSnap scanner to be exact and before I threw out all the paperwork, I scanned it, labeled it, and saved it to my computer and to Google Drive. It was AMAZING. My OCD superpower got through ALL the paperwork in our home tonight alone! There is some adoption paperwork we sent in without copying it so I am going to see if I can go to the agency and scan my file (as they are too busy to do it for me, but I won’t say that as it not the best way to put it).

So is anyone else is feeling like they are drowning in paperwork, or are having dreams about missing paperwork? Ya, me neither?   🙂      But if you know someone who is, going electronic made this crazy lady pretty darn happy! And life moves and and we keep waiting. And the 3 rooms remain empty, and my heart hurts, but today it hurt a little less (or the same amount and I was just distracted). Goals for tomorrow: Meet new family from church and GO FOR A RUN!


2 thoughts on “Life moves on anyway (without my permission, I must add!)

  1. Oh, I love the idea of going digital! Is that thing really so much better than a traditional scanner? Also, it says “front-side document scanning.” Does that mean you have to run double-sided documents through twice?

    • First off going digital has been amazing! Secondly, yes you have to run double sided documents through twice. At first I was bummed about this but it didn’t turn out to be a big deal at all due to how fast this ting scans. For me it is better than a traditional scanner due to the size (I can take it with me anywhere!) If I am going to a trainings for the weekend I can take the scanner and scan the items the first night of the training. The software that comes with it also seems much more intuitive than other traditional scanners that I have seen making it go much faster. Maybe I never figured out traditional scanners right, but I seem to like it a lot better (and no, they are not paying me anything to say any of this!)

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