A Good Day! (Home study Update)

Where did I leave off? Oh that’s right in a puddle of sadness, heartbrokenness, and anger. Such an uplifting place to be!

Anyways, the day after I published the last post I had a very good day that involved a conversation with my social worker! It also involved Joel and I getting confirmation that our auto insurance company was sending us a check for $1300 from a labor day accident where a teeny bopper rear ended Joel’s car.

I am sure that you are far more interested in the conversation with the social worker, and to be honest that is what I am far more excited about as well! Being that I have moved from patient to polite bothering I decided to call our social worker figuring that I would just leave her a message and hope that she calls me back soon! Nope, I had better things to come! When I called the agency they informed me that she was in the office and that I could speak with her.

When I spoke with her, I told her I was calling to see what on the list of paperwork she had received. I wanted to know what to re-send if necessary and who to bother harass check in with regarding unfinished paperwork. The social worker informed me the she had received all the paperwork from me and the therapist report and that we were just waiting on the 2 employment verifications. I know that my employer was working on it last week so I told her she should have it soon and that I was trying to find out if Joel’s employer had received it yet and if they had started it.

I then (POLITELY) asked where she was with all the home studies. She was finishing on up that day and there were 2 on the list to do. ONE OF WHICH WAS OURS!!!!!!! We chatted for a bit and a casually said how it must be nice that over half of the home study is already typed by our last worker, as that makes your job go by quicker! She acted surprised, double checked what exactly was already typed up and sure enough my individual interview and our joint interview was typed up (not in the right format, but typed up) by our last social worker. I asked how long she guessed it would take and our social worker said “I hesitate to say that it will be done by Friday, because you know how things come up, but I will be working on it this week”

AHHHHHH!!!! I am sooooo excited! I needed a good, exciting news day! That same night, I got an email from our social worker that she was working on our home study and thought of a training that was coming up that consisted of 10 sessions on Thursday nights that I might enjoy. This training session has been recommended to me by a couple different people and it just keeps popping up. At first I just brushed it off as WAY too much of a time commitment, but I am thinking of taking a second look at it.

I will let you know when I hear anything more!!!


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