3/4 – The best number I have ever seen!

How quickly the information is coming in now! To take you back, on sunday night I was filled with anger and sadness from 3 months of waiting in a barren land with no information or progress. The past 3 days however, the information keeps coming in and I am so thankful and excited! Today I find out that not only is the social worker currently working on our home study, that she has the home study 3/4 complete! I have never really had a favorite number but now I do. Yes I know it is more of a fraction than a number, but it is still my favorite! Our social worker says she estimates that there is about 3-4 hours of writing left.

That information alone would have me doing backflip  jumping up and down with excitement and (quite literally) waking Joel up at 2am to say how excited I am. But there was more! What more could I possibly ask for? I just prayed for information or progress!

But God answers prayers with more than we could ever imagine. Not only did we get information and a 3/4 complete home study, but our social worker has plans to work on/finish is Thursday afternoon! That means we would have a completed home study first draft, she will send us any questions she has and then we will review it and email it back. Social worker will make the final changes and then submit it for approval.

As of now the only things left are finishing the home study, reviewing it, and getting the employment verifications for both Joel and I to the social worker.

We are getting closer and closer. From this point on (and well, this whole journey) it is now all uncharted territory, but Joel and I are armed with our compasses and our walking shoes!


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