No News……yet

Last I posted there was much joy that the home study might be completed by Thursday, or at least worked on a little more. I am here today to say that I don’t know if it has been worked on or not, and that is ok. Somethings you just have to let go of.  Since the 3/4 email I have not heard from our social worker. I do know that she has not received either Joel’s or my employment verification (and by verification they really mean recommendation letter from our supervisor).

So for now, we wait and pray. Thank you for waiting and praying with us. More updates will come as we know more.


2 thoughts on “No News……yet

  1. Do you really need a letter from the supervisor or can you just submit recent pay stubs for verification? Every agency requires something different. We were thankfully able to submit paystubs for verification.

    • Yes, we needed a letter from the supervisor talking about lots of stuff including our attitude and employment reliability. It was intense but, at least I know I, have an awesome supervisor.

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