Home Study Draft Complete!

It’s been a long day since my 25 hour long sleep study, but I could not go even 1 more minute without updating you on the developments of today. it is very hard for me to imagine that just 8 days ago I was so frustrated with the whole situation and the lack of any progress at all. Now, 8 days later we have a completed home study draft! Our social worker sent it to us tonight for changes, which I have (of course) already done and emailed back to her.

I still have some questions as  if she has received the employment references for both Joel and I (the draft said she had, but I had not heard that), if we have everything we need for out foster care license, and the big questions (What the heck happens next!)

More to come as we know!




7 thoughts on “Home Study Draft Complete!

  1. That is sooo exciting! I’m so happy for you guys! Let me know when you find anything else out!

    Love you! Maggie

    • Thanks Maggie! I am so glad you got to see this. I was going to give you a call, but with the time difference it was all messed up! I love you and will for sure update you with any changes!

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