Home Study Complete

Today has been a very big day in the Longanecker household. First off, 5 years ago today Joel and I got engaged. It has been an amazing five years and I am so happy that our paths crossed! Joel is the most supportive and amazing husband in the whole world and he will be a great father!

Today I also called our social worker to see if she had received the employment references for Joel and I. She called me back and I could not believe the message.

She HAD received BOTH employment references and confirmed that all our paperwork was turned in and complete. She was going to submit the home study for approval to her supervisor either today or Monday. It should be approved early next week!! When the home study is approved our social worker will submit our foster care license. (We will be foster parents for 6-9 months until we go to court to finalize the adoption.)

All of this information was amazing enough but there was more! I can’t give you all the details (because I don’t have them and if I did I couldn’t share them all) but our social worker has a sibling group that she wants to submit our home study for. All I can share is they live in another part of MN and the sibling group consists of two girls. Once the home study is approved it will be submitted! That was quick!!!!!!

I can’t explain how I’m feeling today. I’m so unbelievably excited that we are so close, but a bit wary of getting too excited as these may not be the kids that God has set apart for us. I am a bit overwhelmed by the thought of being a mom of siblings, possibly within the next couple of months! I simply cannot imagine what life will look like post-placement, but Joel and I (overwhelmed and curious) will figure it out with each other and our supportive family and friends. I am so nervous too, must be the standard new-mom nerves hitting hard now that things are going so quickly!

As I know more I will update. Please keep us in your prayers, specifically that we will be matched with the kids God has set apart for us.


5 thoughts on “Home Study Complete

  1. I remember those feelings well – it was two years ago next month that we got the phone call about a sibling group of six (haha – God doesn’t ask everyone to do that!) and the feeling was something you can’t understand unless you’ve been there. So excited for you!

  2. WOW! I am so sorry I missed this important announcement! As you know things have been hectic around here. I honestly don’t know where October went. Thanks for checking in at my blog. Now that I’ve read this post I can’t wait to read your latest one! 😀

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