Adoption Blanket Update

I have been working if these blankets to give to my kids, whoever they are and whenever they get here, for quite a while now. I am FINALLY done with enough squares to make 1 adult blanket or 2 kids blankets. I also sent a trial square in the laundry with our clothes and it came through great!!! There was some bunching and fraying at the end of the in-woven in yarn but that is to be expected.

Finished Squares in all the Colors!


Post-Laundry Square


For those that are newer to this blog let me explain this project a bit, back in the beginning of the home study process I was becoming frustrated with the amount of waiting that is required (read: amount of complete faith and lack of control) so I decided to do something while I was waiting. I was so yearning to nest or make something for my children-to-be but that was hard as our range was 0-12, boy or girl, any ethnicity. It’s hard to find a project to fit that!!!

Then my husband came up with the idea of quilting a blanket. I nixed the quilting as I’ve only quilted with my mom and she is far away, but then settled on knitting a blanket. Not knowing age or gender I set about to knit adult size (can be made smaller) blankets made up of squares of a wide range of colors.


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