The Holiday Season

Short post today as I am in church waiting for it to start. I don’t know if anyone who reads this has gone through an adoption And been waiting over the holidays but for those who haven’t it sucks!!! BIG TIME!

Thanksgiving was tough but the low-keyness of Joel’s family helped a bunch. When picking up food for a pie I was making I could not avoid all the children’s toys. And today the Christmas season started. As a Christian I know that this time should be a joyous time but in my heart I feel sorrow. All I want is for the world to stop until we get our kids so we can celebrate this wonderful time with them, whoever they are.


5 thoughts on “The Holiday Season

  1. As someone who was in the adoption process for a number of years, I’m extremely sympathetic to your feelings. I think that I struggled everyday with not having a child, but it was especially painful during the holidays. All I can say is that your feelings are totally normal and you shouldn’t feel guilty for being sad amidst your celebration of the holidays. I believe though that your child is out there, and your time will come. Hang in there–I know that is much easier said than done!

    • Thank you so much for posting. I know it has taken me forever to respond but know that I really appreciated you words of encouragement. The holidays can be tough, but my child(ren?) are out there and this is part of what I need to do to get ready for them. Somedays that doesn’t make it any easier, but knowing that people have gone through it before and now have their children home DOES make it easier. Thank you

  2. Sorry I’m behind on commenting. I have certainly shared your feelings this holiday season. I kept telling myself: “Next year she’ll be here.” Now it doesn’t look that way…
    Okay so that probably doesn’t help you any. I guess I’m just saying you’re not alone.

    • Thanks for sharing. Christmas was even harder now that we are 1 of 3 couples and are waiting for the phone call. I am, to be honest a complete basket case. I have been hearing the news and thinking about your family. You are in my prayers

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