T-minus 1 hour till interview

As I sit I am staring at Perkins salad that was just brought out to me. It’s not like I didn’t order it but still I am surprised by it. Joel and I are currently eating lunch at Perkins next to our adoption agency’s office. This weekend was the “worst winter storm in 2 winters” and it ended this morning at 12 am.

All weekend we waited for word of our interview scheduled for today. The girls’ social worker was driving down from up north and what with the weather we were all unsure if she could. This morning I got the call that it was on!!!

Joel and I got on the road with plenty of time to spare, which still did not spare us a near accident on 494. After seeing that and multiple cars in the ditch or getting into accidents we deduced that the roads were not as safe as they looked.

Anyway, now we are here, trying to force down food because now is the time people “should” eat when really I have a negative appetite and would just like the interview to happen!!!!

I cannot begin the explain my feeling right now. I am so excited and hopeful that we have gotten to this step in the process and we are ever more closer to becoming parents. I am nervous to get too excited as we may not be picked and god might have other plans forbid. I am scared and anxious to be a mom as I have never been one.

Anyway, now my soup is here and I must eat. And then the interview!!


4 thoughts on “T-minus 1 hour till interview

    • Thanks! I know it will totally be well worth it. As we get to know names and stories the wait gets harder and harder. Knowing that there are these 2 little girls and what they have gone through, Joel and I just want to start loving them. But I have to keep reminding myself that God’s time and plan is best (even if that means not with us)

    • It did go well. I wrote a post about it last night. Honestly I was just so physically and emotionally exhausted from the interview that I didn’t have it in my to write about it. Thanks for checking up on me and reminding me to update. I almost forgot and it will be a great thing to look back on!

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