And the wait continues…

So here I am, wednesday night and no news about the girls as of yet. I wanted to post about what is going on in my head and what’s going on in my world today and the past couple days.

Well, today my phone was quite literally attached to my hip. Ok, maybe not literally. I didn’t buy a holster for my iPhone 5 or anything. That would be odd. 🙂 Anyways, I was waiting for the phone call from our social worker telling us the decision about who would parent the girls from up north.

Some background on my phone, it HARDLY ever rings! Sometimes there are texts and emails but phone calls, hardly ever. The one day that I was waiting for a phone call is the day that my phone rings and rings. I had to keep apologizing to my clients for looking at my phone so often.

But at of 10:15pm on 12/19/12 we have no news.

That is what the world looks like around me, every time my phone makes any noise at all I hurry and look. We are waiting for the call and I want to get to that call in record time. I also have found it very hard to just sit and be still. My mind starts racing and going crazy. For someone with OCD and is under stress that is a really bad combination. So I have been staying super busy.

How am I staying busy you ask? Your house is relatively clean, you can’t yet buy things for the kids, what are you doing? Well my friends, video games and facebook games is the answer. The Walking Dead on my iPhone has engrossed me lately as well as Chefville on Facebook (thanks for the facebook invite Kari!). The Walking Dead is pretty intense so it keeps my mind active and Chefville is amazingly awesome and addictive!

When I hear anything I will post! Until then, please pray for Joel and I, but also for the girls, their current foster mom, biological mom, the judge who has to decide on the TPR trial, and the 2 other families involved in this process as well as they are feeling similar to myself and Joel right now. We appreciate the prayers that have been prayed for us and all involved so far.


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