New Year, Same Waiting (but not for long!)

Still waiting, sometimes its hard to believe with how many times we have thought we were so close and how many times social workers said “ASAP’, but it will all happen in the perfect timing. I did call our social worker who just got back from her vacation over the holidays (YAY) and got an update. It’s not terribly exciting, but then again every little bit of anything is sort of terribly exciting when your waiting.

She said that her best guess was that the holidays and vacations got in the way of the decision making and the required meetings the girls’ social worker needed to do and that now (at the time it was 1/3/13) it was too close to TPR and that they would probably wait until after TPR to announce their decision.

Well the deadline for a TPR decision has passed (5pm on 1/4/13) so that means that there is a piece of paper out there somewhere up north and says whether or not these girls can be adopted. I do not stress that I don’t know where it is and cannot find it. Instead I rejoice that it now exists and people have seen it, typed it, and entered it into court databases.

So now we wait. But we wait now knowing that there is no hurdle standing in the way, no last interview, no TPR trial, nothing but the decision to be made (possibly) and announced. We were told that we are far enough along that as soon as the girls’ social worker make any decision we will know either way, which is awesome. Our social worker thought a good guess was to hear sometime early this week. It’s a guess after all so I won’t be surprised if we are still waiting this time next week (or next month, now that I know how social services works, sloooooowly) but there is progress.

Progress in the form of a single stack of papers that holds so much weight for the lives of these little girls. The progress is that it is real, it exists and people have seen it. Maybe not me, but what does that matter? I have been trying (lately having been more difficult that usual) to leave this whole thing up to God, so I don’t have to see the paper, or even know what it says to have that simple fact bring me more peace that I can even explain.


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