The thing I said I’d never do

There has been no post since the post where I let you guys know that we did not get the two girls in north MN. I have been silent since for a variety of reasons.

First, Joel and I took some time to process and grieve the loss of the girls but be excited for their future with a family that will care for them.

Second, we needed to take some time to re-evaluate things. I had been feeling since the beginning of this process that there was a pull to foster care. At the beginning I said I’d never do that, it would be too hard. Then God worked on my heart some and I said we’d do that after we adopted first, that somehow having our first child be a forever hold would make foster care easier.

Now, with a huge leap of faith and trust in God we are pulling our names out of the adoption process and doing foster care (can’t do both at the same time). If the kids in our care become available for adoption then we will adopt, if not right now we feel called to foster and provide a home, however temporary for children in need.

So now we make the calls, I’ve done some pre-calls as I call then and the transition will be super quick since the paperwork and training is already done. Please pray for this transition for us.

Also, if you have clothes or toys for any age, any gender of children we are looking as we will need to be ready on short notice!


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