2 Months Later, Same Place

I realized today that my last post was almost 2 months ago! There is something seriously wrong with that! It did intrigue me that even through I have been absent from the blog, I have still been getting a steady stream of visitors, some from quite far away and some new finds (thank you Google!).

Well, it’s about time that I updated everyone. I kept waiting, hoping that I would have some exciting information to share and maybe even a kid in our home, but alas that was not to be. (Also there was simply nothing to update on).

Last I posted the focus was on attachment. At that point all the paperwork was in and all the training we needed to be licensed was done. We were told the rest would go quick, just a few things to switch over our licensing from the adoption agency to the county foster care agency. Most everything switched over just fine, but as of today we are still waiting on the new background check (each agency is required to do their own). Since we lived in ND in the past 5 years MN has to check with ND and that is what the hold up is.

Anyway, after 3-4 weeks past signing the ROI for MN to talk to ND we are waiting and hoping it is not much longer. The SW from the county said that is the LAST thing we are waiting on and then we are good the be licensed.

So, since we are not yet licensed and cannot yet provide a home for kids I have been focused on getting things ready. I have gone from full-time to fee-for-service at work. This basically means that there is less pressure at work and I can decide how much or how little I work.

I have been collecting (hoarding?) children’s clothes. I have gotten some donated from friends and gone to garage sales (the first of the season). I now have the following storage tubs filled with clothes: Girls Clothes (Birth to 12 months); Girls Clothes (12 months to 4T); Girls Clothes (5T to 6XL, that is supposed to be kids sized); Boys Clothes (3 months to 24 months); Boys Clothes (Older); Girls Clothes (Older).

The Theory is that kids in foster care at times come into care without many clothes or belongings, so I have been getting ready for whoever comes through the door so that we can make sure we have what they would need.

I have also been getting toys as Joel and I had NOTHING, we now have things to entertain a small army. Although children should not be used in an army, but should they we could house, cloth, and entertain them.

We have gone to some trainings as well. There were about 4 trainings that we needed to do before our 1 year re-licensure. and being the over-achiever I am I found out when they were scheduled for and signed up for them right away. So far Joel and I have attended the trainings on Family dynamics that contribute to abuse and neglect as well as a training on how to best address birth families in the foster care system.

We soon will hear (hopefully) about the background check and then the real journey will begin!


2 thoughts on “2 Months Later, Same Place

  1. So happy to see this update! I’ve been thinking about you lately, wondering how you were doing, and that I needed to come nudge you to do an update. 😉 I certainly understand the trouble of having “no update” but I’m glad you posted anyway. 🙂 I always enjoy reading your posts – even the “no update” ones. 🙂

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