Child Filled Weekend

This weekend was awesome! No, not a licensed foster parent yet, so no kids living in our home, but there were kids everywhere! I was blessed by being surrounded by wonderful adults and amazing little ones every single day this weekend. I got hugs, kisses, snuggles, fake food to eat, pinecones as presents, and so many smiles! Joel and I are surrounded by wonderful people who, as it turns out, make wonderful parents! It was amazing to see Joel interact with these little ones as well. It just made my heart grow! And he didn’t make any of the children cry this weekend, that is a HUGE step in the right direction.

On another note, holding a three year old during church on Sunday made me realize how strong mothers really are. I mean really, my arms were HURTING and I was sweating! Ok, so that is quite I sad state of affairs, but I guess I just need more practice. Good thing we have Ziggy! 🙂 And I may borrow a child or two to hold and hug to help strengthen my arms (yep that is the ONLY reason, I don’t just love the hugs or anything).

Here’s hoping and praying that our background study gets back the county soon so that the children that fill our days will be ours to care for for a time.


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