Background Study Completed!

Today I heard from the MN DHS Background Studies Unit in response to the message I left them last friday. I was growing impatient of waiting and not knowing anything and wanted to hear if they even had everything they needed to complete the background check (maybe that was why it had taken so long). Since they were experiencing “higher then anticipated call volume” I left a message. The recording said that someone would get back to me in 1 to 2 business days. Let’s just say I didn’t hold my breath!

But 2 business days later, here I am writing this post! I spoke with a worker in the Background Studies Unit who apologized for the wait and completed the study while I was on the phone, even saying she would send out the letters of approval today! Man what a blessing from God to begin this beautiful day!

So as you may, or may not remember, the last thing we needed to get our foster care license were the background checks! Now we wait for the postman like little kids waiting for birthday cards in the mail to get a little blue sheet of paper. Once our licensing worker gets her little blue sheet of paper, she will submit our recommendation to be licensed. Not really sure what that means, probably should ask…

When I spoke with our social worker today, she indicated that she was excited that the background checks came back as there is a child in need of respite care. Once she gets to all-important blue sheet of paper she will contact the case manager for this child and begin the process to see if we would be a good fit for this child.

So the waiting and paperwork part seem close to over (ok who am I kidding, the paperwork part will never be over and I am ok with that), and the crazy, unpredictable, lovable, fun kid part is close! Joel and I are so excited!!

Also, I am adding a page called “Wish List” to help me keep track of what we still might need for the home and for anyone that is interested in helping out.


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