Long Awaited Paperwork!!


I have never been so excited to receive a single sheet of blue paper in my life!!! Not even school admissions letter brought this much joy to me! There was one sent to each Joel and I saying that we passed the background check. That all, nothing significant from the looks of it, but in reality these were 2 pieces of paper that are going to change our lives.

Without these papers Joel and I remain just that: Joel and I. As awesome and amazing as that is, we are being called to be more.

With these papers Joel and I are a safe place to sleep for children in need, parents to those without and the light of Jesus at a very dark time. I heard an amazing song and it it were the words:

“What started as a still small voice is raging now and and your only choice is to follow who you are.”

That is how I feel about our foster care journey. The idea of foster care always was a whisper in my heart, but now it’s a marching band in my heart mind and soul proclaiming this is what you are meant to do. There is simply nothing else I can do but foster care. It will be hard, heartbreaking, rewarding, and awe-inspiring but above all it is what I was made to do. I feel so blessed to be able to do this.

So what happens now? Well now we wait. Yep, more waiting. 🙂 We wait for our licensing worker to get her copies of the letter. She said if she didn’t get them today she won’t get them until Monday. Once she receives them she will “recommend us for licensure”. I asked today what that was because it sounded like it would be more waiting. I was told that she fills out the paperwork and submits out info to MN DHS for an official foster care license. At the state they double check out licensing workers work and make sure we qualify for a license and send us our license in the mail.

Are you ready for the best part though? Our worker considers us licensed when SHE SUBMITS THE PAPERWORK. That means that we are open for placements at that point. So next week could be crazy!


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