Eventful Day!!

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day here at the Longanecker household. To explain what has happened I have to rewind to about 3 week ago. At that time I heard through the therapist’s grapevine that a CTSS and Therapy provider that opened an office and began serving clients in the town I live. You may say, oh my gosh how freaking exciting……NOT. Well, if you did say that I have a couple of responses for you. First off, why are you talking to your computer/phone screen? If anyone was watching you they would think you were a bit crazy, or using in ear blue tooth. Secondly, You didn’t let me finish explaining before you got all sassy with me. Well, I guess techniquly, I didn’t let me finish before becoming sassy with myself. So I will get back to my story about yesterday’s events.

The reason I was so excited that a CTSS and Therapy provider opened in the town I live, is that I currently do CTSS and Therapy work! The job I work at currently is 45 minutes away from where I live, one way. I love the work I do, sometimes it’s stressful, sometimes I get overwhelmed by the paperwork, but I love working with the kids I do, I love seeing the progress, I love showing hope and options to families at the end of their rope. It feels like what I was made to do. However, I HATE the commute. I hate the through, especially, of being that far from being away from home when we could be placed with an infant.

When thinking about my future and our future, in order for me to feel like I can give all that I have and remain sane and still have somewhat of a life, I felt the need to look into this agency that opened an office in my town. I feel truly called to be doing everything that I am doing, with regards to work and being a foster parent and I could not stand the thought of being in a situation where I felt I was not giving my best from the get go. Ever since getting the call for licensure, I have been anxious about working 45 mins away (one way) and we have been really praying and thinking about what our other options are. We are not doing foster care so that I can be far away. This process and doing foster care is very important to me and I feel that foster care comes first. Caring for children who have no one is by far my most important job and I want an employment that can work around that and work with that. Hence my excitement about an in town job.

So I called this job and asked if they had any openings. They said that they would check if they did and get back to me. I never heard anything, until Tuesday. On Tuesday I got a phone call asking me to come in for an interview this Thursday, yesterday. I excitedly said that I would be there. So yesterday I show up for the interview. I decided that whatever they asked, whatever my answer would be, I would be truly me and answer honestly. I wanted to show them who I am, what I think, and I what I can offer. Well, my favorite parts of the interview are the following two quotes from one of the two ladies that interviewed me; “We should be taking notes during this interview” (relating to me describing the details to upcoming training I was interested in that they were unaware of) and “I’m trying hard to be professional but I want to say that I am really impressed and want to make sure you are not looking for other jobs.” I left the interview feeling like I left them with a good knowledge of who I was and looking forward to hearing from them as I was obviously interested in the job. They said that they would get back to me that night or the next morning.

Well, the interview must have went well because about 10 minutes later I got an email offering my the job!!! I drove to my current job and had the sad face to face 2 week notice meeting with my boss and was just honest about my reasons for leaving. My last day at my current job is May 30th. I am waiting to hear soon (hopefully today) from my new job’s business management to discuss start dates and pay.

I kept asking Joel when I got home is this day was real. Do I really get to do the job I love in the town I live, with NO commute, making me available for future foster kids? Really? Like for real? Don’t wake me up if I am sleeping! Ouch! Don’t pinch me either! 🙂 I can’t believe this is real, we are so blessed. This job is quite literally God send! (This was how our conversations went all night)

After I got home from work and we went out to eat to celebrate we got home and I checked the mail we got that day. After feeling God’s hand in my life all day I simply could not believe what I saw in the mail. We received our official foster care license from MN DHS.

After a hard day on Sunday (see Mother’s Day 2013 post) and my coming to terms with the fact that I will trust in God when his answer is wait. How things have changed in 5 days! I now feel that I can clearly see God’ provision and love in my life. It seems like God is setting up great things and getting us ready. I have no idea what God has planned but I feel blessed to be a part of it.


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