Homestudy Submitted

A post under the Adoption category, not the foster care category takes everyone by surprise, Joel and myself included. However, as I will explain, sometimes you just got to walk along the path until God shuts the door or tells you to change directions.

So, on February 3, 2013 I announced that Joel and I would be making the switch to foster parenting. This meant that we would officially stop looking at MN waiting children and stop working with Bethany Christian Services as they are solely an adoption agency. At the time we were told to choose one to do, adoption or foster care. Then at the end of February I posted about why we decided to switch to foster care. We knew at the time that we made the switch that what we wanted more than being designated at “Foster Parents” was to follow God’s will for our lives. If that meant that we stay foster parents until we retire, awesome. If that meant that something else comes along, we would follow that path as well.

As the best laid plans often do, things have a way of changing unexpectedly. Let me give you a little background. We found out about a sibling group that needs a home from a family member, this sibling group has been looking for a home for a while but for a variety of reasons could not find one. A decision has been made recently that would allow the county to separate siblings for adoption as some need higher intensity of care than many homes can provide.

When Joel and I first heard about them our initial response was “no” for a variety of reasons. We had just (literally a couple of weeks) gotten our foster care license, we had made the decision to switch from adoption to foster care, and we didn’t know what would happen if we tried to switch back (would there be more waiting, switching back to Bethany, ect). Joel and I thought about it, and prayed about it, and gathered some more information. Soon we felt that familiar pull on our hearts. The pull that is so strong yet so soft that you need to be still to hear it at all, if that makes any sense at all. We decided to ask our foster care social worker if we could inquire about the 2 boys in the sibling group that we thought would be the best fit with our family.

To our surprise it was as easy as that, well as easy as that and waiting a couple weeks while she got the paperwork all together. The process once it gets to the boys’ social worker is that she reviews it and if she thinks that it would be a good fit she forwards the documents to the “team”. A “Team” for kids in foster care consists of: therapists, guardian ad lidems, child specific recruiters, and lawyers (depending on the age of the child). If they agree that it would be a good fit a meeting is set up to discuss next steps.

On Wednesday the paperwork was gathered and submitted to the boys’ social worker. I got an email today from the boys’ social worker letting me know that she read the documents today and submitted it to the rest of the team. She is giving the rest of the team a little bit of time to review everything and is hoping to get back to us with the next steps sometime next week. All that is amazing and about a million times quicker than anything we have experienced thus far but that’s not even the most amazing thing. I sent a “hey i heard you got our paperwork email” to our boys’ social worker on Wednesday and got an automatic response that she would be out of the office until Monday. So all of this happened quickly AND when she wasn’t even supposed to be in the office.

We still have no idea what path God wants us on, to adopt these 2 boys that need a home or to continue on with foster care. We are praying for direction and asking you to pray along with us. We know that God is faithful and will show us His will if we seek it, so we seek it. And until we know for sure (if we can every really know for sure) “The Plan” we listen to the calmness in our hearts that speaks so loudly as to which path to take. So for now we wait, we pray, and we go as far down the path as we can go.


2 thoughts on “Homestudy Submitted

  1. How exciting, I’m sure it’s surprising to see things happen so quickly this time around! Good luck with whatever path you end up taking, can’t wait to hear more about it!

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated. It’s funny how God works sometimes. I definitely think he likes to surprise us. 🙂 I will absolutely be praying for you and the boys. 🙂

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