The Next Steps

Another adoption post in about a week!!! Wow things are moving very quickly this time around! Well, here is the update!

On Friday while both Joel and I were actually both home for during the workday, we got a call from our foster care social worker. She told us that the boys’ social worker and their team (see previous post) gave us the green light after reading our home study and want to meet with us!! I was and am so excited!!!! Everyone involved (like 10 people it seems) scheduled the meeting for Tuesday afternoon. How quickly this is going?!?!?!?!!!!!

The boys have a county worker and a child specific recruiter from a private agency among other people on their team. Our social worker has not worked with this private agency before so asked what the process would be like.

Here is an explanation of the process as told to us by our social worker. There are 3 meetings and at the end of each meeting both sides (boys’ team and Joel and I) decide if everyone thinks it is still a fit. If both sides say yes we go on to the next meeting. The first meeting is a general get to know you, the second meeting focuses on mental health and behaviors, while the third meeting focuses on school. At the end of the 3rd meeting we will have a boatload of info on the boys and make a final decision including all the paperwork the county has on them. Then if everyone still says yes the social workers start talking to the boys about us, including pictures and letters to them from us. Then the transition into our home would start. The transition takes about 2 months, which is longer than usual but good in that they need slow adjustments.

At this point we are still kind of in awe of how everything is happening so quickly. We are excited about where God is leading us and about the unexpected blessings that are coming our way (such as our social worker being more involved then we thought she would be). We will continue walking on the path that has presented itself as far as we can go!


4 thoughts on “The Next Steps

  1. Wow! I am SOOO excited for you!!! I’ll definitely be praying for you, Tuesday especially. Do you know how close together each of the subsequent meetings might be? Keep us updated! 😀 Very happy for you!

  2. Yay! That is super exciting! I hope tomorrow’s meeting goes well – how long are the meetings generally? Can’t wait to hear more about it! Good luck!!

  3. Inquiring minds want to know – how did the meeting(s) go? I hope it went well and you’re relishing in it! You and your husband, and the boys and their team, are in my thoughts and prayers, I hope it all went well!

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