Oh The Anxiety

So we got the call today. Not THE call that says they picked us for the boys, but the call. The call that says there is more waiting to be done, more meeting to attend, more land of awkward unsureness. The call we got today was from our social worker. She let us know that she has gotten an email late last night saying that the boys’ workers had met with the other family and now wanted to do second meetings with BOTH families and THEN decide. Oh good Lord give me patience! I know what they say about praying for patience but it seems in going to be tested anyway, might as well have a little extra help!

In that phone call our social worker also informed us that the boys’ workers want to do the second meetings ASAP and wondered if we were free tomorrow afternoon. Well, nothing is as important as this so we will MAKE ourselves free I said. (And later my only client for tomorrow afternoon canceled PTL).

As of now the meeting is not confirmed but we have said we are free tomorrow between 2-6pm (because at 6pm we have a respite kid coming!!!). So today was filled with cleaning, freaking out (I was going to say mildly freaking out but that would have been a lie), rearranging schedules for Joel and I, and just in general trying to shift my frame of reference to being ok with not knowing yet.

Not sure what will happen next, but if these are the kids God has for us things will work out. Until then we wait, question, freak out, and let our little hearts scream that they can’t take much more of this.


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