The Meeting

So today was the last minute meeting with the boys’ social workers. We ended up have 2 workers in our home and the group home director. We had expected the 7 or 8 workers as in the previous meeting, but it turned out to be a really good group.

Joel was freaking out a little bit before the meeting as at 1:45pm I still wasn’t home from work (the meeting was at 2pm). Luckily I got there just as the worker were pulling in the driveway. I know, I know, it comes as a shock to EVERYONE that I was running late!

The meeting ended up lasting over 2 hours. At first the group home director was stand back-ish, but I think we won her over because at the end when we were giving them a tour of the house she said that the bedroom in the basement could be for group home staff (like her) when then come visit. I took that as a good sign! 🙂

During the meeting we got more detailed information about the boys, their behaviors, what helps, what doesn’t help, and details about school achievement. We left the meeting (well, the social workers left and we stayed) feeling confident that, should we be chosen the boys would be a good fit into our family.

The workers told us that they had already met with the other family interested and that they would have a decision by early next week. After that decision there would be one more meeting and then the transition. With the timing, there is no way that the transition will take place before school starts, but more likely a month into school they would be living full time in their adoptive home.

I am not feeling as anxious as after the last meeting, but have a sense of peace and excitement. Whatever happens, the boys will have a home and that is the best outcome. Of course Joel and I want the boys to come home with us, but putting aside that, they will have parents before the new year and that makes my heart happy.

So now we wait, we pray, and we keep ourselves busy (which won’t be too hard as we have a 16 year old respite girl from tonight at 6pm until Sunday night at 6pm!)

Please be in prayer for the social workers who have a decision to make, Joel and I as well as the other family involved, and especially and most importantly the boys. Pray for peace and a smooth transition for wherever they will go.


One thought on “The Meeting

  1. The waiting is so hard, but you have the best possible attitude about it all. If it wasn’t God’s plan, then you wouldn’t want it either. And if it is, then I cannot wait for your next update!!!

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