Emergency Foster Care

My phone would not stop vibrating. I was done with work and in my personal counselor’s office and the tell-tale vibration just kept going on and on and on. I finally excused myself and pulled out my phone.

2 Missed Calls: Joel, Foster Care

1 Voicemail: Foster Care

2 Text Messages: Joel “Emergency!” “Call me back now.”

To say the least I was intrigued enough to stop my session and call Joel back. We had gotten a call from a worker asking if we were open to taking 2 girls for up to 2 weeks in an emergency foster care placement. There was a TON of details to be ironed out as I was supposed to be heading out of town this weekend and we have not taken our biter dog (we found out he was a biter dog over our respite weekend) up to Fargo to give him to the rescue we got him from yet).

So in the span of 5 minutes, Joel called back to say that we would love to take the girls, I called Joel’s parents to ask them if they could take the biter dog (and thankfully they could and were on their way in about 10 minutes). Joel and I decided that if the girls were placed with us I would not go out of town on my girls weekend.

I tried my hardest to be present and finish my personal counseling session and then RUSHED home to get things ready. I made beds with clean sheets and did some general picking up around the house. Joel had gotten the information from the social workers so he filled me in on why the girls were being placed, their names, ages, and other information.

Then we waited, the workers and cops were looking for family members that could open their homes to the girls and if they could not find family they would bring the girls to us. As we waited I was filled with so many mixed emotions. I was heart broken and saddened for what these girls had experienced, hopeful that they would soon experience peace and love, humbled that God may see us as worthy to take care of these children, excited that there may finally be children in the house, and a bit embarrassed that I was excited at all about this situation.

So we waited, and waited (ok, really we waited 2 hours which is NOTHING) and heard that they had found family to care for the girls. I am glad that there was family to care for them and yet disappointed that we could not love on these girls.

So I get to go on my girls’ weekend which I am excited for, but no kids in the home. On the bright side, we got the first placement call.


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