Dates Set!

We had the foster parent meeting today! It went amazingly well! We got along great with the foster parents and invited them to continue to be involved in the children’s life after the adoption and beyond. We found out so much detailed information about our kids. We found out bedtimes, favorite colors, toys, ect. But most importantly we got a peek into their little personalities. My heart just beamed hearing more about the day to day life of my kids and I soaked up the stories that gave insight into their hearts and minds. I think I will get along really well with the kids as they sound like very clean and organized kids (Even wanting to pick up grass clippings off the sidewalk after mowing as they don’t go there! A kid after my heart).

The meeting, that lasted almost 3 hours, felt so natural and it was fun to get to know the foster parents for our kids. We got to see some recent pictures, chatted about the kids and put a plan down on paper for the transition. I was by far most excited about this part. I was finally going to see the dates, written down, of when my family would be whole. It was decided that the oldest child would move in first so that she could get settled and have some one on one time with Joel and I before her siblings move in. She will find out about us soon, and we will met her first. We will have a couple visits, one weekend visit (that corresponds to a big event in our family which will make for an interesting visit) and then she will move in.

With the younger two they will find out a week after the oldest does, we will meet them more times and have them all together a couple times and one long weekend at the beginning of October and then they will move in as well.

So, long story short, by Oct. 15th, my entire family, ALL my kids will be home, with me and Joel and beginning our lives together as a forever family. I can’t even begin to describe the multitude of feelings both Joel and I are experiencing. I don’t think I have gotten a good night’s sleep since our last meeting with the social workers. As it gets closer to meeting the kids and them visiting and moving in I bet I will get less and less sleep.

We have gotten some great tips for the transition, and we made a photo book that the kids will get once they find out about us, which will be within either a couple of days or a week depending on the kid.

So how does the first visit go? I am preparing myself not to break down and cry and hug and smother them, but I can’t say that I won’t want to. The first couple of visits will be over dinner so we will have things to distract ourselves with. A week from today I will have met my oldest daughter and two weeks from today I will have met all my kids and be having our first weekend visit with the oldest. It seemed at times like these times would never come, like we were on the wrong path or would never have kids. Now here we are, getting ready to meet our 3 kids and become a family of 5.

How heartbroken I was over God’s “No” answer to the other children we put our names in on, how much I wanted my will not God’s will to be done when I heard that answer. How hard it was to keep the faith and stay trusting in God. Now I can see what God was doing, the plan that He had, THESE are my kids, anything else would have been second best and not what God wanted for us. These kids are the ones that God has for us, the ones that God has had for us since the beginning. These are the kids that we will love, hug, and throw parties, and snuggle with for the rest of their lives. Adoption is tough, the waiting, the “no’s”, all of it, but once you see the pictures and once you get to the point of meeting the kids, all the pointless classes and heart break are more than worth it. For those that are beginning this process, or are in the heartbreak part of it, keep the faith. Your kids are out there. Role your eyes if you need to (I sure as heck did when people said this to me), but sometimes you just need to hear it or say it till you believe it.

Soon my kids will be in my house with Joel and I! I can’t even believe it!


7 thoughts on “Dates Set!

  1. I love this post – you can tell that you’re just beaming with pride and excitement – so much fun to read! I’m sure waiting to get your kids in the house is excruciating! Are the kids sharing a room when they move in? Do you have a lot to do to your house and schedules to be ready for them? Love hearing about it – thanks for sharing the details!

  2. I remember thinking similar to you – don’t break down and smother them with hugs on initial contact. When we walked into the room to meet them, the emotion was thick, and they were staring at us and us at them – for about half a second. At which point my hubby threw open his arms and called out “Who wants a hug?!?!” And three boys went scrambling for him so fast my head was spinning, saying “Daddy!!!!!.” We had talked with the foster parents first though, so knew they were timidly excited. All that to say don’t be afraid to hug, and to show some excitement. They need to know you WANT them, that you are excited about them. But no smothering!

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