Questions from an 8 year old

My oldest daughter found out about Joel and I on Monday, complete with our picture book and a calendar with the transition schedule on it. During the discussions with the social workers our 8 year old came up with some questions she wants to ask us when we meet her on Thursday. The social workers forwarded us her list of questions so we can be sure to answers them if she forgets to asks.

Reading over the questions, my heart filled with love for our girl and my eyes misted up over the love of God she already displayed. I simply cannot wait to meet her!

Also, I have been having more anxiety and nerves about being a mom and having kids move in within the next 4 weeks lately. I will write more on that later. It’s all getting so real, awesome and great and a dream come true but scary and overwhelming and mind-boogaling real.


2 thoughts on “Questions from an 8 year old

  1. I’m sure it will be overwhelming at times – maybe you will even ask yourself why you did it. But, kids are awesome. They are worth every frustration.

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