Worth The Wait!

Sorry for those that I haven’t had a chance to update on the happenings of the last few days. Things have been busy and overwhelming to say the least! They have also been awesomely awesome. This update will be divided into two post, the first meeting and the visit on Saturday. There is simply too much to put into one post, the two posts will be long enough as it is.

First off let me say how unbelievably hard it is not to be able to share pictures of our daughter. She is the most adorable 8 year old I have ever seen. I, admittedly, may be a bit biassed. She is simply amazing and I love her so much! Lately, Joel and I just look at each other and say “Our daughter” and smile and giggle. (Ok, I am the one that giggles as I can’t imagine Joel giggling) I always knew we would not be able to share pictures of our children for the first few months when the lived with us, but I never imagined how truly hard that would be. We have taken so many pictures, luckily our little girl loves taking and being in pictures, and i just want to share them and gush about her non-stop. So if you see me in person in the next few weeks, be prepared! 🙂 I cannot wait until the adoption is finalized and we can post pictures of our family on Facebook!

So, we will start this where we left off with the last post, meeting our daughter for the first time. So we got to the meeting and, well, there really are no words that fully encompass the reality of laying eyes on your daughter for the first time. She was shy but obviously desiring that relationship with us. She brought out the photo book and asked a bunch of questions about the people and places in it. She asked if she and her siblings would be the only kids. I assured her that while other kids may come over and visit, she and her siblings would be the only kids that live there and are our kids. We introduced ourselves as “Joel and Katie”. We had talked about this previously to meeting her, we didn’t want to push being called mom and dad. Our daughter called us Joel and Katie that first night. The two social workers were present and our daughter shared an adoption workbook that she was working on. She shared with us (in written form) why she couldn’t live with her birth parents and asked us to do what they didn’t (take care of her, ect). She shared how she wanted to receive and share love and wanted to know what rules and bed times we had in our house. A very grown up little meeting with our daughter. I simply can’t get over saying that!

We then had dinner and man does she eat like a little bird! She hardly eats a thing, and she is tiny! She looks like a normal 8 year old size, she is just so little! Her foster mom was there during dinner talking about our little girl.

After dinner Joel, our daughter, and I went outside to play. We played tag, and a BUNCH of games that she made up the rules to. It was hilarious. She was constantly trying to give me an advantage when Joel and I were racing against each other. She was beaming that people, her new parents, were running around and playing with her. She has lived pretty regularly with older women and was soaking up the physical play time. Joel and I loved it too, we ran and played, but realized we didn’t bring the correct footwear and that when hanging with our daughter we would need tennis shoes!

The night ended about two and a half hours after we met her. It was SOO hard to leave, we wanted to stay all night and just soak in the time with her. When we were leaving she wanted to review her transition calendar. We also got to see her room and take a new picture of her. The last thing we did was have her foster mom take a picture of the 3 of us. It is a blurry, not focused picture as her foster mom is an older lady but I will always treasure the first family picture we have! As we were leaving we got high fives goodbye and promised to see her on saturday at 9am (not 7:30 am like she wanted!)



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