Observations from a New Mom

After my first weekend as a full-time mom I came to some interesting realizations about myself as a mother and about motherhood in general. Today I will share them!

1. After having slept late and lived for naps, I was so surprised that I actually have tons of energy when I wake up early and go to bed late. Running around and playing with kids wears me out but also, weirdly gives me energy.

2. I am still a heavy sleeper and evidently don’t wake up when kids knock on the bedroom door. We are going to have to tell them to just open the door and jump on the bed to wake me up!

3. While I absolutely love my children, it takes a bit getting used to to have a child pretty much attached to your hip for days on end. I like have a  kid, but going from an almost completely independent adult to an attachment figure in an instant.

4. Constant boundary pushing and limit testing is harder than I thought it would be. I also have more of an emotional response to MY kids misbehaving than my clients misbehaving.

5. I have OCD. I knew this before, but it was pretty well controlled. However, when you have OCD and add kids to the mix the OCD thoughts come back full swing. About them getting hurt, them hating you, what people think, ect. However, having gone through OCD treatment I know that feeding into these thoughts and overprotecting the kids would be the wrong way to go. My youngest was nervous about climbing on a playground thing and I encouraged him to climb the whole way to the top, all the while thinking “He is going to fall and break his neck, he is going to do, they will never let me have children then, he will break his head open”. I was so proud of myself that my child had no idea of my anxiety. Despite his lack of initial confidence, my sweet little one made it all the way to the top!!!!

6. My heart is sooooooo full with love! I love seeing Joel parent our children and hugging our kids! I love just sitting and cuddling them.

So far these are the things that I have learned, I know that I will learn MANY more things!


3 thoughts on “Observations from a New Mom

  1. 🙂 Trust me, the whole “he’s gonna fall and break his neck” thing isn’t just the OCD talking! It’s the mom in you talking! It’s so hard sometimes…taking that deep breath!

  2. #2… Don’t do it! Telling them they can just come into your bedroom will eventually lead to one of those moments you CANNOT take back!!!! Some things just can’t be UNseen.

    #3 You did wave goodbye to privacy when it left, right? 😉 (another reason to avoid #2) It’s a whole other kind of life with kids in tow…constantly. But it’s worth it. Don’t worry it takes everyone time to adjust…. come to think of it, I’m still adjusting. LOL

    #4 Yup. It’s different when it’s your kids. Hugs.

    #5 Go mommy! 😀 P.S. If it helps, my kids tend to get the worst injuries doing the most mundane things: 1) concussion from falling out of bed and hitting bed frame on the way down, 2) blood blister when his brother smashed his thumb in the closet door. They almost never get hurt those times when I gasp, cringe and fight the urge to yell at them never to do that again. And my middle one is well known as an unstoppable daredevil. 😉

    #6 yup. cuddling is the absolute best. 😀

    Thanks for the updates! Really enjoying “going” on the journey with you. 🙂

  3. #1 will wear off, I’m afraid. Sorry.

    Agree with heartmama on #2. No opening mom’s bedroom door ever. We open our door during the night, so that if they need us we can hear them, or they can even come in if that is your rule. But if the door is shut, it stays shut. Locks are ok, but I prefer to respect the closed door (and the one time you forget to lock it will be the time…). We do the same thing for bathroom doors – I don’t want my kids locking the door, but obviously don’t want them walking in on each other. So if it is shut, it stays shut – except for mom and dad who are allowed to open any door at any time for any reason. 🙂

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