Moving a Child In!

Almost two weeks ago now our eldest daughter S officially moved into our home for good. No more weekend visits, no more transitions back and forth to the foster home, officially a family forever! We unpacked and settled in. Things have been intense and awkward, wonderful and heartwarming since then. I am tired from a long day and long weekend but I wanted to share some awesome and hard moments from the past two weeks.


– Less sleep (if you know me, you know how hard this is!)

– Emotional effects on me of parenting a traumatized child.

– Setting limits when the limit and the trauma are butting up against each other.

– Triangulation!

– Sibling rivalry made much more worse by the history of trauma in their lives.

– The amount of repetition that needs to be done on a daily, and hourly, basis when there are kids (I feel like a broken record!)


– Leading our eldest daughter to salvation in Christ!!!!

– Worshiping in church with all 3 kids.

– Bedtime after all the kids are asleep and I can actually talk to my husband for what seems like the first time all day.

– Being called “mom” and “mommy” even if the tone is sassy and mean.

– Learning to be a parent with Joel

– Watching my traumatized children beginning the process of feeling comfortable enough around me to begin to test and trust


One thought on “Moving a Child In!

  1. We went to an adoption support group last night just to listen. All of the parents there have children with severe issues due to FAS. It terrified me. My husband reminded me that people who have things going well generally don’t attend support groups. I appreciate your honesty here!

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