Defining Progress

Somedays I get frustrated with the responses I get from my kids from the sassiness to the disrespect to the downright annoying (there I said it, my kids can sometimes be annoying). Today marks our one week family anniversary and I can say without a doubt that I love my family, annoyingness and all! Sometimes it feels like the kids have been here forever and I need to step back and remind myself that it’s been only a week! Today I just to point out all the progress that my kids have made in the short time that they have been with us.

– Today we were picking out a show to watch on Netflix and ALL 3 agreed on the same show with NO ARGUING!!!! It was amazing and I made a huge deal out of it and they all giggled and laughed.

– We went to the park this morning and I had told them that if everyone did a great job and there was no arguing or stomping off we would get to go to the library and check out 2 books each. Everyone did awesome, and even when C got frustrated she handled it really really well. However, when we got to the library we all found out it was closed on Fridays. The kids handled the disappointment well, only saying “Stupid library” and then asking if we could come back. Last week it would have been melt down city!

– Last night Joel and I did not get woken up one time!!!!!!

– C has still be stomping off to her room and getting upset but no screaming and yelling at us anymore when upset.

– P has been more able to accept comfort when hurt and is showing when he is scared and sad by crying. That lets us comfort and figure out what to do.

– S is helping her siblings and behaving like a big sister not a mom most of the time. When she is behaving more like a parent she accepts redirection more readily. She had not stormed off to her room due to being corrected for this. The only storm off was for being caught cheating and giving her self more computer time and I’m pretty sure that she was just mad I caught her. Even then she came out of her room pretty well.

– Everyone is eating better.

– Joel and I are learning how to communicate regarding kid stuff and any frustrations with kids around.

– I am getting better at asking for what I need, such as some mommy time to visit a friend yesterday.

When I see them all written down like it is easy to see how much our hard work has paid off in the short term and I cant wait to see how much progress is made in a long term!



One thought on “Defining Progress

  1. Katie, I’ve been reading your blog all along but last week I read all of your posts from when you first found out that you were being considered for your 3 to the present to my husband. We laughed with you and cried with you! We shared “are you really ready for this?” moments as well as “we can’t wait!” moments. Thank you for sharing your story and providing a window into the foster to adopt process!

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