OCD and Parenting Don’t Mix

Today is one day where I truly came to realize that having OCD and being a parent doesn’t mix well. We went to hang out at Joel’s brother and wife’s apartment to swim, have dinner, and watch a movie.
First off let me say how thankful Joel and I are to them opening their home to us. We had planned on going to the zoo but it was too cold and rainy and we were all getting cabin fever! I don’t think they were prepared for the craziness that is our new family, but our kids did sooooo well! I am so proud of them. C had some minor listening problems but nothing huge.

The big thing that happened was that while we were swimming P told me that he had to go to the bathroom. Or at least that is what I THOUGHT he said. When I asked him to repeat, he said he was sitting on he edge of the pool because he HAD gone to the bathroom, in his shorts. We went to the bathroom and I had him get out if his suit and asked aunt for help getting the shower stuff we had brought. I stood in the doorway so I could watch S and C swimming while P waited.

I tell you all that to tell you this: as a parent when your kid shits in his swimming shorts and it is running down his legs and he doesn’t want to touch it to clean it up it falls on you to do so. You can’t just leave your son standing there all full of poop and naked.

This is the point where my mom brain and my OCD brain fought a pretty intense battle. It took less than 5 seconds to decide what to do, I needed to wash him, but in those 5 seconds those 2 parts of my brains duked it out pretty good. I knew I couldn’t get Joel as he was busy cooking dinner for the 7 of us and asking aunt or uncle to do it was quickly ruled out as a cruel and unusual form of birth control.

So there I was, in a public men’s bathroom in an apartment complex that is not mine bathing a poop covered 3 year old.

Poor boy, he is not feeling well. But also poor OCD mom who was freaking out about touching poop! Not only did I have to wash him, but his poop filled bathing suit that we had to take home.


2 thoughts on “OCD and Parenting Don’t Mix

  1. Im ROFL…not at you really! I just know your pain. I have the gag reflex at that and throw up. My hubby tells me I have no mercy and am not very nurturing at those moments. It is true…in those moments I am 99% horrified.

  2. ROTFL!!!! That is awesome! Congratulations, I’d say you are officially initiated! Ha ha. Oh could I tell you stories!!!! Thankfully I had been a nanny for years before I became a mom so I knew what I was in for regarding the bodily fluid department. In fact, it was somehow easier when it was MY kid spewing/peeing/pooing all over me. Don’t know why. My poor hubby, though, had a VERY strong gag reflex when we got married. Couldn’t even swallow pills. The first few times he changed our eldest boy’s diaper I think he actually regurgitated in his mouth. But I was a horrible wife. Before I gave birth, we’d agreed to split the diaper duties as evenly as possible and I held him to it. There was NO way I was going to be the wife who did ALL the poopy diapers and ALL puke clean-ups. After a while he gradually learned how to control it. He still hates it, but he barely even gags these days. 🙂 Whereas I went from being grossed out and occasionally a little gaggy to being completely indifferent. Stuck my hand in diarrhea while trying to remove soiled pants? Oh well. It’ll wash off. Ask me how I know. ;D BTW it also washes off painted walls, wicker baskets, microsuede couches, and wooden dressers. Oh! And keep plenty of baking soda on hand. If you discover a wet accident on something like a carpet or couch, sprinkle a thick layer of Baking Soda over the surface of the mess and that stuff will suck it right out & kill any smell to boot! 🙂

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