While sitting here with 1 kid in school, 1 kid in therapy, and 1 kid playing happily I figured I would write about some things I had been meaning to.

This year was the two youngest kids first Halloween and the oldest’s second Halloween. We had gone costume shopping about a week before and two kids picked out their costume quickly and 1 had such a hard time. They wanted to wear their costumes every day, but we said no wearing them until Halloween (we didn’t want a sad kid with a broken costume).

Anyway that day went fast as I had to work so two were in daycare and 1 was in school and then daycare. I picked them all up from daycare and we rushed home to finish chores, eat, change into costumes and wait for Joel to come home. Then we got all set. We ended up going to about 20 houses only as we got a late start and were out trick or treating past P and C bedtime. We didn’t have anything going on the next day so we just had fun! After every house all the kids would run back to where Joel and I were standing and tell us what they said. P always said “Me said thank you”. C and S changed what they said. Especially after I was feeling extra sassy and asked if they said merry Christmas. Then they started saying that!!!
When it was time to go home there was some pouting but we quickly reminded them that the sooner we get home the sooner they could eat some candy (5 pieces each that night) and then we watched a movie (the goonies). Everyone got to bed late that night but it was a fun night had by all. P asked to go trick or treating again that night.


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